Preservation of Historic Buildings and Sites Committee – 2022

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  • 2022 Preservation of Historic Buildings and Sites Committee


    Fourteen faculty members, five appointed by the President or his/her designee and seven elected by the Senate from the faculty at large, plus 2 non-voting student members. The University Historian and the Director of Preservation Programs are voting members.


    Chair elected by committee. This election will take place during the last meeting of the committee in each spring semester so that committee leadership will be in place at the beginning of the following academic year.


    This committee assists the University in implementing its Policy on Historic Preservation, filed with the Florida Secretary of State, as a Programmatic Memorandum of Agreement for Protection of Historical Resources. In support of this Memorandum, it assists the University in fulfilling federal and state obligations with respect to its historic and archeological resources. It reports to the Vice President for Business Affairs the significant findings on all matters considered by the Committee.


    3 years, unlimited / 1 year – student

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    Meeting Dates/Times

    Meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month – 316 Stadium Conference Room – 2:00pm
    For meeting information, please contact Rachel Mandell at or call the main PDC phone number at (352) 273-4000.

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