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    Weil Hall

    Completed in 1949 (the first phase in 1947), Weil Hall has served as the University’s main Engineering and Industries Building. Since Weil is located just across Stadium Road, early engineering students could get a great view of Gator football games right from their classroom windows. Weil Hall continues the Collegiate Gothic campus features of red brick laid in English cross bond, clay tile gable roof with intersecting gables, and cast trim details in the increased scale of the mid-century campus buildings. The strong East-West axis, emphasized by water table and parapet coping, is punctuated with projecting bays and cast quoin corners. The hallways are wide and in the administration area, located in the east end, tile wainscot has been placed from the floor up the wall to approximately 48 inches, creating a datum, broken by doors. The building name is incised in the arched limestone entrance.

    Architect: Guy Rulton
    Building Name: Joseph Weil, Dean of the College of Engineering

    Weil Hall Character-Defining Features
    • 2-1/2 stories
    • E shape plan
    • Gable roof with hip roof dormers
    • The primary entrance is in a modified tower facing the road
    • 9 over 9 lights
    • In singles and triples
    • Wood
    • Brick is English bond
    • Soldier course headers
    • Flat red clay tile and flat ridge caps
    • Cast stone copings at gable ends
    • Entrance surrounds
    • Cast stone sills
    • Slightly set back from road with sidewalk in front