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The Planning, Design and Construction Division is responsible to the Vice President of Business Affairs for the planning, design and construction of all physical facilities of the University of Florida and the management of its space and physical resources.

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Plaza of the Americas

Campus planning includes balancing development with environmental preservation, infrastructure needs, intergovernmental coordination and neighborhood/community partnerships. This collaborative effort brings together stakeholders to help shape the future of the University of Florida campus.

UF NE Entrance

We manage all major capital construction projects for all units of the University and all minor renovation projects on behalf of E&G and IFAS. Working closely with the Board of Education Office of Facilities Planning and with local user groups, it is our job to assure that the best possible project is delivered in terms of function, quality, maintainability, and energy & water efficiency.

Research Lab

The Space/IT department at Planning, Design & Construction has two primary missions. To track and report space owned and occupied by the University of Florida and to support the division in IT related activities.

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