Conservation Area Land Management (CALM) Plans

CALM Plan Update – Here!

This website hosts materials associated with the Conservation Element (PDF) of the Campus Master Plan.

Lake Alice

UF has 31 Conservation Areas on the main campus that are covered in 23 specific area plans that fall under the umbrella of the Conservation Area Land Management plan (CALM). These
plans provided the framework for the Conservation Element of the Campus Master Plan. They also help to fulfill the University’s role as Pilot for the Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary (University or College) Program. The University of Florida, as guided by the ECOS Committee, was the first university in the country to set university wide environmental planning standards with this nonprofit organization.

If you would like more information about campus-wide environmental planning or the Campus Master Plan, please contact Rachel Mandell.

CALM Plan Executive Summary

The Conservation Area Land Management (CALM) plan documents existing conditions and specifies management activities for Conservation Areas on the University of Florida Campus. These Conservation Areas are defined in the Campus Master Plan as having a Conservation Future Land Use designation. In most cases, the areas are also listed in the 1995 and 2000 Master Plans as Preservation Areas.

The CALM plan serves as the Conservation Element’s Data and Analysis that covers Campus Conservation Areas within the Campus Master Plan. Previous Master Plans documented the existence of Conservation Areas, but provided little background information nor guidance for improvements to each of the areas. Therefore, the premise behind this CALM plan was to create a plan that documents existing conditions on campus natural areas and makes recommendations that enhance these special places. Additionally, the plan is intended to demonstrate the University’s commitment to preserving and improving campus natural areas.

Proposals in Conservation Areas