UF Green Building Case Studies

Since the early 2000’s, we’ve been designing and constructing green buildings and to this day, we have more sustainable building certifications than any other public higher education institution!  Through our collective efforts across campus, we have sustainably certified approximately 20% of our total building inventory.

Please view the below list and reference past checklists in order to learn how we developed high performance projects.

Still got questions? Try emailing GreenBuildings@mail.ufl.edu and someone will get back with you shortly.

Building NumberBuilding NameProgramVersionCert Status URL
0013Newell Hall RenovationLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0019Office of Student Life - Otis Hawkins Center at Farrior HallLEED New Construction   v4GOLDView Checklist
0024Weil HallLEED Commercial Interior   v3CERTIFIEDView Checklist
0028Chemistry Hernandez HallLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0032HUB RenovationLEED New Construction   v2.2SILVERView Checklist
0043Marston LibraryLEED Commercial Interior   v3GOLDView Checklist
0064UF Graduate Studies Building (Hough Hall)LEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
0065Heavener Hall - Business BuildingLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0070Nanoscale Research FacilityLEED New Construction   v2.1CERTIFIEDView Checklist
0072Graham Center at Pugh HallLEED New Construction   v2.2SILVERView Checklist
0081Counseling & Wellness CenterLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
0086Cypress Hall - Single Student HousingLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0094Gymnastics Renovation and AdditionLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0094Stephen C. O'Connell Center Renovation and AdditionLEED New Constructionv4SILVERView Checklist
0101Norman Hall RenovationsLEED New Constructionv3GOLDView Checklist
00110Steinbrenner Band BuildingLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
0155SW Stadium Expansion - James W. "Bill" Heavener Football ComplexLEED New Construction   v2.2PLATINUMView Checklist
0179EH&S Administrative Building AdditionLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0187Garage 14ParksmartSILVERView Checklist
0203Sun Terrace ExpansionLEED New Construction   v3SILVERView Checklist
0206Basic Sciences First Floor RenovationLEED Commercial Interiorv4GOLDView Checklist
0213Biomedical Sciences BuildingLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
0214Harrell Medical Education BuildingLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0215Veterinary Education and Clinical Research CenterLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
0215VMTH Clinical Simulation LabLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0215Vet Med Primary Care & Dentistry ClinicLEED New Constructionv3GOLDView Checklist
0216Veterinary Medicine Food Animal FacilityLEED New Constructionv2.1CERTIFIEDView Checklist
0254Southwest Parking Garage ComplexLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
0267Turlington Hall AdditionLEED New Construction   v3SILVERView Checklist
0272M.E. Rinker Sr. HallLEED New Construction   v2.0GOLDView Checklist
0276Corry Village 276Homesv2008PLATINUMView Checklist
0277Corry Village 277Homesv2008PLATINUMView Checklist
0278Corry Village 278Homesv2008PLATINUMView Checklist
0281Corry Village 281LEED New Construction   v3SILVERView Checklist
0282Corry Village 282Homesv2008PLATINUMView Checklist
0283Corry Village 283Homesv2008PLATINUMView Checklist
0284Corry Village 284Homesv2008PLATINUMView Checklist
0286Corry Village 286Homesv2008PLATINUMView Checklist
0288Corry Village 288Homesv2008PLATINUMView Checklist
0289Corry Village 289LEED New Construction   v3SILVERView Checklist
0290Corry Village Commons BuildingLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0309Harn Museum - Asian Art WingLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
0309Mary Ann Harn Cofrin PavilionLEED New Constructionv2.1CERTIFIEDView Checklist
0316SW Recreational Center ExpansionLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
0341McGuire Center for Lepidoptera ResearchLEED New Construction   v2.1CERTIFIEDView Checklist
0359Gator Corner Dining RefreshLEED New Construction Retail  v3 GOLDView Checklist
0484IFAS Professional Development CenterLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0495McCarty A 3rd Floor RenovationLEED Commercial Interior   v3SILVERView Checklist
0551Rawlings Plaza AnnexLEED New Construction Retail  v3 SILVERView Checklist
0640Special Collections BuildingFGBC Commercialv3PLATINUMView Checklist
0656Baseball Locker Room FacilityLEED New Construction   v2.1CERTIFIEDView Checklist
0674Golf Course Club House Renovation and ExpansionLEED New Construction   v2.2SILVERView Checklist
0686Reitz Union Expansion and RenovationLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0686CRC addition and RenovationLEED New Constructionv3GOLDView Checklist
0689Library WestLEED New Construction   v2.1GOLDView Checklist
0721Benton HallLEED Commercial Interior   v3SILVERView Checklist
0722Larsen HallLEED Commercial Interior   v3CERTIFIEDView Checklist
0757Legal Information & Phase II Law BuildingLEED New Construction   v2.1CERTIFIEDView Checklist
0759Bruton GeerFGBC Commercialv2GOLDView Checklist
0764Marin H. Levin Advocacy CenterLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
0764Law Advocacy Second Floor Build-OutLEED Commercial Interior   v3GOLDView Checklist
0860Indoor Football Practice FacilityLEED New Construction   v3SILVERView Checklist
0870UAA Maintenance BuildingFGBC Commercialv3GOLDView Checklist
0958Chemical Engineering BuildingLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
0959Condron Family BallparkGreen Globes3 GLOBESView Checklist
0964IFAS Honey Bee Research and Extension LabFGBC Commercialv3PLATINUMView Checklist
1011Broward Dining Facility AdditionLEED New Construction Retail  v3 GOLDView Checklist
1017Vet Med 3rd Floor AdditionLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
1027Dasburg President's HouseLEED Homesv2008SILVERView Checklist
1051Veterinary Medicine Energy PlantGreen Globes2 GLOBES
1123Lacrosse Locker Room FacilityLEED Existing Building O&Mv4.1GOLDView Checklist
1123Lacrosse Locker Room FacilityLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
1160Katie Seashole Softball Stadium (multiple buildings under one certification)FGBC Existing Commercialv3GOLDView Checklist
1178International Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders CenterLEED Commercial Interior   v3SILVERView Checklist
1178Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine InstituteLEED New Construction   v2.1CERTIFIEDView Checklist
1291IFAS Plant DiagnosticsLEED New Construction   v3CERTIFIEDView Checklist
1375Institute on Aging Clinical Translational Research BuildingLEED New Construction   v3PLATINUMView Checklist
1375Department of AgingLEED Commercial Interiorv3CERTIFIEDView Checklist
1376Genetics and Cancer Research CenterLEED New Construction   v2.1CERTIFIEDView Checklist
1377Pathogens Research FacilityLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
1430PK Yonge Developmental School - Phase 1LEED Schools   v3GOLDView Checklist
1432PK Yonge Middle and High SchoolLEED Schoolsv3GOLDView Checklist
1626UF Powell Center AdditionLEED New Construction   v3CERTIFIEDView Checklist
1626Powell Structures & Materials LaboratoryLEED New Construction   v2.1CERTIFIEDView Checklist
1628East Campus Office BuildingLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
1635East Campus Data CenterLEED New Construction   v3CERTIFIEDView Checklist
2013Shands Healthcare - New Cancer HospitalLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
2227Shands Jacksonville UDC BuildingLEED Commercial Interior   v3GOLDView Checklist
3411UF Dental Clinic - NaplesLEED New Construction   v2.2GOLDView Checklist
3425UF Research and Academic Center Facility at Lake NonaLEED New Construction   v2.2PLATINUMView Checklist
3440Florida Innovation Hub at UFLEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
3440iHub IILEED New Construction   v3GOLDView Checklist
3900Saint Augustine Government HouseLEED Commercial Interior   v3SILVERView Checklist
7321IFAS Biological & Agricultural Research FacilityLEED New Construction   v2.2CERTIFIEDView Checklist
8223IFAS Tropical Research and Education Center - Phase 1LEED New Construction   v3SILVERView Checklist
2904Whitney Labs Academic Village Housing (client wanted green certification)FGBC New Homesv11GOLDView Checklist
3260Ayres IT RenovationLEED Commercial Interior   v3GOLDView Checklist
1714Whitney Laboratory for Marine BioscienceLEED New Constructionv4REGISTEREDView Checklist
0779WerthiemLEED New Construction v4REGISTEREDView Checklist
8740Institute for Black CultureLEED New Construction v4REGISTEREDView Checklist
8800Institute for Hispanic and Latino Culture (La Casita)LEED New Construction v4REGISTEREDView Checklist
0906IFAS Blueberry Research FacilityFGBC Commercialv3REGISTEREDView Checklist
0640Florida Museum of Natural HIstory Special CollectionsFGBC Commercialv3REGISTEREDView Checklist
0960Central Energy PlantGreen GlobesREGISTERED
0189Data Science and Information TechnologyLEED New Construction v4REGISTEREDView Checklist
0857Football Training ComplexLEED New Construction v4REGISTEREDView Checklist
1500Student Health Care CenterWELLv2 pilotREGISTEREDView Checklist
1511, 1512, 1513, 1514, 1515Honor VillageLEED New Construction v4REGISTEREDView Checklist
1123Soccer and LaCrosse Facility ExpansionLEED New Construction v4REGISTEREDView Checklist
0004Peabody Hall RenovationLEED Commercial Interiorv4REGISTEREDView Checklist
0309Harn American Art Wing AdditionLEED New Constructionv4REGISTEREDView Checklist
UF CollaboratoryLEED New Constructionv4REGISTEREDView Checklist
UF CollaboratoryWELL v2REGISTEREDView Checklist