CALM Plan Update

Conservation Area Land Management (CALM) Plan Update – Phase 2

The campus conservation areas are an integral part of the university’s landscape and play a critical role in the stability of many ecosystems. The CALM Plan demonstrates the University of Florida’s commitment to the natural areas on campus.

The recommendations in the updated CALM plan, which is currently being drafted, were guided by the feedback gathered from the steering committee and campus community during Phase 1 of the update process.

The recommendations have been categorized into the following common themes:

Accessibility & ConnectivityUF is dedicated to providing an accessible campus for all, and this dedication includes to and within conservation areas. Strengthening the interconnectedness of conservation areas will increase awareness around the value of these spaces, as well as increase opportunities for people to connect with nature.
Invasive Species ManagementInvasive species pose a threat to campus conservation areas by reducing biodiversity and encroaching on native vegetation. A holistic management approach, including recurring treatment and restoration, will be required to appropriately control invasive species in a sustainable, perpetual manner.
Boundary VerificationSurvey data revealed that many people are unaware of the conservation areas on campus. Clearly defined and delineated boundaries will help to communicate these spaces in the built environment. Additionally, the project team utilized LiDAR and surveying tools to accurately map each conservation area in GIS.
Engagement & Community OutreachStrategic marketing highlighting the conservation areas as valued amenities on campus will increase the recognition of and appreciation for these spaces. Incorporating interpretive signage on site illustrating the areas' unique features and biodiversity will further enhance engagement.
Safety & AccountabilityCampus safety experts were actively involved in the CALM update process and provided recommendations on how to best bolster safety and security in the natural areas. Also, establishing clear roles within the UF Administration and identifying a point-of-contact will help to uphold campus policy and improve accountability in these spaces.
Ecological Restoration & Stormwater ManagementThe wetlands on campus play a key role in stormwater treatment and flood control, and are also designated conservation areas. Wetland Solutions, Inc. has been hired to develop a comprehensive management plan to address issues such as erosion and sedimentation within the Lake Alice Watershed.


Conservation Area Land Management Plan Update – Phase 1

Click below for the Steering Committee Document Hub from Phase 1 of the CALM plan update:

CALM Plan Update Document Hub