Autodesk Construction Cloud/BIM 360

Autodesk Construction Cloud™ (ACC) is a suite of cloud-based collaboration tools that enable project managers, architects, engineers, and other stakeholders to work together in one central workspace. Users can view and share 2D/3D design files, Revit models, and project documents from any device, track version history, and extend BIM to the entire team.

ACC is built on the foundation of the Autodesk BIM 360 platform that the University of Florida has been using to implement the digital transformation of our construction processes over the past three years. UF will be migrating from BIM 360 to ACC over the next several months. All new projects, regardless of scope, will be created in ACC as of 8/24/23. Major projects will remain on the BIM 360 platform until their completion. Minor and smaller (JOC) projects will be migrated from BIM 360 to ACC depending on where they are at in the construction process.

Please contact your UF Project Manager if you need access to ACC or BIM 360.

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If you are a design professional, please note that BIM 360 Docs is different than BIM 360 Design. BIM 360 Design allows you to collaborate with your design colleagues using your own BIM 360 Design license. BIM 360 Docs is more restrictive and requires UF to purchase a license for you to access the files in our cloud instance of Docs.