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    Women’s Gym

    The earliest plan designated a field on the West edge of the campus for athletics. As a land grant institution, the all male university was expected to conduct drill and athletic activities to support the physical readiness of students for national defense. When construction funds for a gymnasium ran out in 1919, President Murphree persuaded the people of Gainesville to contribute money to install such luxuries as showers. Funding to complete the Gym was secured when the New York Giants accepted an invitation from Murphree and the Mayor to hold their spring training on campus. The Florida Pool was completed in 1929 and construction began on Florida Field on the site designated for athletics in the original campus.

    The Gymnasium became the Women’s Gym after co-education bill of 1948 and the construction of the new Gymnasium in 1949. The building was rehabilitated in 2006 as a center for gender studies.

    Architect: William Augustus Edwards
    Building Name: Renamed in 1948 when it was dedicated to women’s athletics

    Women's Gym Character-Defining Features
    • 2 stories (taller 2nd level)
    • Rectangle
    • Gable with hip gable end parapets
    • Centered on gable end
    • 6 over 6 light
    • Double hung
    • Grouped on front
    • Gym space double hung 3 over 3 vertical panes
    • Brick is Common Bond with 6th course alternating header/stretcher
    • 6th course is Flemish headers
    • Cast stone copings at gable ends
    • Horizontal bands above 1st level and above the gym level
    • Retains open character of the gymnasium space with adaptive use design
    • Entrance on axis through the exterior garden space