Proposals in Conservation Areas

  • The procedure below is to ensure compliance with the location’s conservation area land management plan. Any additional approvals required for the proposal must be obtained prior to the commencement of the activity or event.



For proposals in the Natural Area Teaching Laboratory (NATL), please refer to the Rules for Using NATL. Proposals in NATL do NOT need to submit an application through this platform.

For proposals in all other conservation areas on the University of Florida main campus, please follow the procedures below:

Staff Level Approvals:

  • Staff level approvals require sign offs from the University Planner (UF Planning, Design and Construction) and Sustainability Program Coordinator (Office of Sustainability).

Staff level approvals include:

  • Single day ‘BioBlitz’ or similar events for data collection where there is no ground disturbance and attendees stay on existing trails
  • Recreational events using existing infrastructure of more than 10 people but less than 30
  • Litter clean ups
  • Minor research projects lasting less than one semester
  • Hand clearing invasive species with supervision from qualified professional
  • Other events at the discretion of the University Planner

Committee Level Approvals 

Committee level approvals include:

  • Modifications to the landscape (ex. trail enhancements)
  • Any proposal with ground disturbance
  • Invasive species removals requiring equipment (ex. Hand saws) or herbicides 
  • New plantings  
  • Research projects lasting more than one semester
  • Activity permanently altering the ecology of the conservation area
  • Activities that may interfere with others using the conservation area.
  • Activities that may diminish the usefulness of the conservation area for teaching about ecology and biotic diversity.
  • Activities that involve studies of vertebrate animals (including people).


*Any proposal that is unclear as to whether it is a staff level or committee level approval should automatically default to a committee level review.
*At the discretion of the University Planner and Chair of the LVL committee, some proposals may be waived from full committee review and require chair approval only.


Staff level approvals may take up to 4 weeks to receive approval
Committee level approvals may take up to 3 months to receive approval
Please contact the University Planner with any questions – Rachel Mandell –


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