Linda Dixon

Linda B. Dixon, AICP

Director of Planning

Linda Dixon began her career in transportation planning and came to UF in 2001 to lead campus master planning and intergovernmental coordination. She earned her master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida. As Director of Planning, her primary role is implementation and update of the Campus Master Plan. She also managed the many recent strategic planning efforts including plans for Strategic Development, Campus Framework, Housing, Landscape, and Transportation/Parking.

Erik Lewis

Rachel Mandell, AICP

Senior Planner

Rachel Mandell is a Gainesville native and University of Florida alumni. She received her bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Sustainability Studies and earned her master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Prior to working for UF, Rachel was an urban planner for the city of Louisville where she focused on development review and land use planning. As the university’s Senior Planner, Rachel’s primary objectives are to monitor the implementation of the Campus Master Plan and assist in the long-range planning efforts that guide the land use and landscape of the university.

Billy Triay

Billy Triay

Sr. Property Manager

Billy Triay joined UF in 2011 managing the State historic properties in St. Augustine. Billy was previously with the City of St Augustine for 10 years when the city was the caretaker of the same historic preservation program. Duties include maintaining over forty structures representing the 18th and 19th centuries; leasing of commercial and residential units; event rental and planning; managing museum operations and visitor information services.

He mostly enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his wife Katy and two boys, Gabriel and Michael.


Savanah Partridge

Planning Intern

Savanah is a dedicated and forward-thinking intern with the Planning Department working under the guidance of senior campus planner, Rachel Mandell. She is in her fourth year as a student of Sustainability and the Built Environment and is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and skills in the field. She has plans to pursue a graduate degree in Urban & Regional Planning, with a vision of making a lasting impact on the built environment. In her spare time, Savanah indulges in her passion for outdoor activities, exploring nature trails, and engaging in ecological conservation efforts. Her commitment to the betterment of campus planning and development drives her to actively seek innovative solutions that align with the University of Florida’s vision.