Plant Species Identification Signs


Temporary signage in the University’s conservation areas (excluding NATL) is only permitted for plant identification on the template provided. If the species you’re looking for is not found in the list below, click here to generate a new sign. 

Please note that nailing into a tree or any other species or infrastructure is prohibited. UF PDC & The Office of Sustainability will supply 10 stakes for temporary signage that may be borrowed by the applicant. Please e-mail the University Planner at for more information.


  • Temporary signage may not exceed 5 days in the conservation area. If the temporary signage will exceed 5 days, notification to the Operations Manager of Events & Permitting will be required.
  • If the applicant would like to provide their own stakes to display the signage, stakes may not go more than a foot into the ground and stakes may not exceed 4ft in height.


Common NameScientific NameFamily
Common RagweedAmbrosia artemisiifoliaAsteraceae
Red mapleacer rubrumSapindaceae
Winged SumacRhus copallinumAnacardiaceae
Bald CypressTaxodium DistichumCupressaceae
Cabbage PalmSabal PalmettoArecaceae
Air PotatoDioscorea bulbiferaDioscoreaceae
Coral ardisiaArdisia crenataPrimulaceae

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