About the Project

About the Lake Alice Watershed Management Plan

The Lake Alice Watershed Management Plan project is an initiative to develop a comprehensive Watershed Management Plan (WMP) that includes the lake, creeks, wetlands, and stormwater infrastructure within the watershed. This WMP is being created to identify and make recommendations on water quality, water quantity, vegetation, climate resiliency, and funding. It will also address current construction operations, maintenance requirements and future stormwater needs. The project is overseen by a Project Team of 6 UF administrators plus leads from the consulting team, with guidance from a 29-member Steering Committee.

The project has several technical phases, supported by robust, equity-centered engagement:

  • Long-term watershed vision
  • Data inventory
  • Stormwater modeling
  • Corrective intervention recommendations
  • Watershed Management Plan

Explore the Project Overview and Project Management tabs to learn more about the Lake Alice Watershed Management Plan and the roles of the Project Team and Steering Committee.

Public involvement is a critical component of the Lake Alice Watershed Management Plan project. Use the Project Updates tab to access engagement reports, meeting materials and other deliverables as they come available.