Garage 14 or XIV


This facility is centrally located on campus making it accessible no matter which direction you are coming from.

1104 Gale Lemerand Drive Gainesville

  • From the North
  • From the South
  • From the East
  • From the West


quipped with BLANK parking spaces, this structure hosts BLANK color parking along with BLANK number of EV charging stations.  How do you know if there is parking available?  It is simple, you can visit this site and look at this camera to know, IRL (in real life), what the parking capacity is!

How do you know where to park?  When entering the garage, look at the indicator lights on the above light fixtures to inform you where there is parking.  If the light is GREEN, parking is available, if it is RED, keep on traveling through the structure, soon you will find that parking spot!


How can you get to your final destination?  There are many ways!

  • By Bicycle – This structure hosts the largest sheltered bicycle parking all throughout campus!  The bicycle racks are designed to have multiple points of connection on your bike.  Want more security?  We’ve got it covered!  With card access controls, we can provide additional secured bicycle parking along with personal lockers and event outlets for the electric bicycles!  For more information please reference THIS!
  • By Bus – Bus Routes 9, 12 & 122 all come to this structure.  We have solar powered bus shelters on both sides of the road to keep you dry during the rainy seasons and cooler during the hot summer months.
  • By Campus Connector/Campus Cab/Red Coach/SNAP


  • SECURITY BLUE LIGHTS –Though this structure and throughout campus is a “blue light” security infrastructure that is designed to provide direct security access for anyone in need of public security assistance.  Included is a floorplan showing the location of these blue lights showing adequate coverage throughout the structure.  These phones are well lit, and also have security cameras on them to further provide the necessary security to those in need of assistance making UF, and this structure, a safe place to visit 24/7
  • Bicycle Fix-it station
  • Tire inflation station
  • Bird Friendly GlazingThe vertical lines in the glass help to prevent birds from striking the building.  Additionally the glazing provides daylight and views of the surrounding campus environment giving a sense of place and campus pride through egress of the building.  Since the building is 7 stories tall, visitors can obtain a beautiful 360 view of campus on the top level.  This is a great place for watching such things as sunrises, sunsets, and fireworks during the fourth of July!
  • Wifi Access – all throughout the structure/site.
  • This access is free and provides high speed connectivity to help folks in either navigating to their next destination and/or provide a quite space for students to study within their vehicles.
  • Florida friendly Landscaping it has been essential that our landscaping took into consideration the health and wellbeing of existing trees and preserved as many as possible.  Prior to demolition, the trees that were to remain had to follow the University’s tree preservation protocols and the 18 of 43 tress that were removed had to pay a tree impact fees ranging from $500 to $19,500 per tree.  Though a number of trees were removed, the mitigation plan required 38 trees be mitigated elsewhere on campus
  • Close to a major bicycle networkwithin half a city block from the University’s major bicycle network (UF Greenway shown below) that goes all throughout the state of Florida (as shown on Trail-link website).  Additionally, UF  has a max speed of 20mph with bike lanes all throughout the main campus.  Roads with bike lanes are at least 5’ and typically have two bike lanes one for each direction.  The UF Greenway connects to a larger network, Rails to Trails network, that spans all throughout the state of Florida.  Additionally, on campus bicycle lanes also run north and south on Gale Lemerand and all throughout campus, allowing bicyclists to travel safely. 

Through all of these features, we are proud that this project has been awarded the 2020 Champions for Change award!