Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan (CMP) is the foundation for University of Florida facilities and land resources for the next ten years and beyond. In a very literal sense, the facilities, lands and infrastructure of the campus are the foundation of the Gator Nation. These are the places that Gators learn, teach, research, and experience the university community and natural Florida environment. The CMP outlines policies for responsible stewardship of land resources and sustainable development that supports the university's mission.

The Campus Master Plan, 2015-2025, is arranged into 15 elements, or chapters, that address facilities in Alachua County including main campus and 13 satellite properties. Each Element contains goals, objectives and policies to guide the future growth of the University. A companion Data and Analysis report contains detailed evaluations for each element as applicable. An Evaluation and Appraisal Report documents progress toward implementing the 2005-2015 CMP and any changes that required adjustment in the 2015-2025 plan policies. The CMP 2015-2025 was adopted by the University of Florida Board of Trustees at a public hearing on June 4, 2015.

Campus Master Plan Process: Campus planning in the State University System is governed in Florida by Chapter 1013.30, Florida Statutes. Additionally, the University of Florida developed an Operating Memorandum that describes the plan development and adoption process. Florida Board of Governors Regulations, Chapter 21, further detail the minimum requirements of university campus master plans. The University is committed to implement, maintain and update its CMP using an inclusive and comprehensive approach that goes beyond these minimum requirements to engage the campus community, host community and governmental agencies in the plan development process. Additionally, the University joint committees of LVL, PHBS, TPAC and ULUFPC are charged with overseeing various aspects of master plan implementation and updates. Throughout the development process for the CMP 2015-2025, the university provided several opportunities for public participation that met and exceeded the statutory requirements. A Campus Master Plan Steering Committee was empanaled to guide this update. The University also provided its draft CMP to various state, local and regional agencies for review as required.

University Context Area: Florida statutes require that the University identify a context area around the University wherein on-campus development may impact local public facilities, services and natural resources, and conversely, where off-campus development may impact university resources and facilities. The context area was identified by analysis of student and employee residence addresses as reported in the Context Map Technical Memorandum.

Campus Development Agreement: Florida statutes require the CMP to evaluate whether proposed campus development creates impacts on public facilities and services such as roads, utilities, parks and recreation. As a result of the 1995 CMP, the University entered into a Campus Development Agreement (CDA) with the City of Gainesville and Alachua County. This formal agreement affirmed the building program set forth in the Plan to the year 2005, and allocated $10.2 million in funding from the State University System Concurrency Trust Fund to pay for improvements to specific transportation facilities and transit services that support the University's growth. Changes included in the 2000-2010 master plan update resulted in an amended CDA and payment of an additional $3.5 million for transportation impacts. A new CDA for the CMP 2005-2015 provided $21.1 million for additional mitigation of impacts to transportation and emergency services created by planned university growth through the year 2015. The CDA for the 2015-2025 Campus Master Plan carries forward development that was authorized and mitigated with the prior CDA.

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