Greenest Project Manager - Frank Javaheri

This year Frank Javaheri has been recognized as PDC’s greenest project manager and was awarded the Kermit the Frog "It ain’t easy being green" traveling trophy! The criterion for assessing who is PDC’s greenest project manager was by averaging the total points for all LEEDv2009 certified projects. Over Frank’s career, he has had 5 buildings LEED certified totaling over 600,000sf. Both the Florida Innovation Hub as well as the addition for EH&S have received LEEDv3 Gold certification. In these buildings, sustainable features integrated include:

  • Highly reflective roof
  • Bicycle storage and shower/changing rooms
  • Water-efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Energy-efficient design, estimated energy cost savings of $63,000 annually for both projects
  • Commissioning of building envelope and mechanical systems
  • Use of materials with recycled content
  • No or low-VOC-emitting construction products
  • Indoor air quality testing prior to occupancy
These features and others have enhanced the campus through its commitment toward cost effective eco-friendly design and resource-efficient construction all while providing a healthy learning and growing indoor environment.

Currently, Frank is awaiting LEED certification for the recently completed Cypress Hall and Chemistry/Chemical Biology Building projects. Both are expected to meet the University policy of LEED Gold. Looking forward, Frank will be managing the renovation for Norman Hall as well as new construction for IFAS’s Bee Unit. Frank is eager to take on the challenges of adopting the latest LEEDv4 rating system into his future projects.

To learn more about University’s approach towards implementing green building principles here on campus, please either visit our sustainability page or email us at if you have specific questions.

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