Design & Construction Standards

The various University of Florida entities responsible for the operation, maintenance, renovation, construction, and general care of the University's buildings, utilities, and grounds require construction that is complete, durable, easily maintained, safe, and compatible with existing and planned facilities. These Standards have been established to express the requirements common to all facilities comprising the main UF campus, along with Appendices that express specific requirements. Along with the UF Design & Commissioning Services Guide, these Standards should be used by design professionals as a guide when developing project designs.

These Standards are mostly general in nature, and project-specific conditions or requirements may warrant a deviation or variance. Design professionals or UF project managers should submit and receive approval of such variances before incorporating changes into the design documents or proceeding with work that varies from these Standards.

The University recognizes that its design and construction consultants are often more aware of industry standards and emerging trends, so suggestions for improving these Standards are welcomed.

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