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    The Land Use and Facilities Planning (LUFP) Committee consists of 20 faculty members, ten appointed by the President or his/her designee and ten elected by the Senate from the faculty at large, plus three student members.


    Chair elected by committee. This election will take place during the last meeting of the committee in each spring semester so that committee leadership will be in place at the beginning of the following academic year.


    In conjunction with the Lakes Vegetation and Landscaping Committee, the Preservation of Historic Buildings and Sites Committee, and the Parking and Transportation Committee, this committee will be responsible for providing recommendations on the overall appearance and development of the campus to the Vice President for Business Affairs. This committee shall also provide recommendations regarding the enforcement of the University of Florida Master Plan policies and guidelines. Its responsibilities are to participate in the development and updating of the University of Florida Master Plan, to recommend policies for land use and facilities development, and to review and recommend approval/denial of all requests for land use changes. The committee will monitor the execution of the University of Florida Master Plan by reviewing and recommending approval/denial of all project sites during the Programming and Schematic Design phases; review and recommend approval/denial of architectural design of buildings and landscaping, building additions/renovations, and utility projects during the design development phase; provide input on minor projects that impact the footprint building exterior of potential historic building’s interior; and assist in upholding the policies, procedures and standards set by the University of Florida Master Plan. The committee will work with other committees referenced above in an integrated and holistic approach to campus planning and development.


    3 years / 1 year – student

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    Meets 1st Tuesday of each month – 316 Stadium Conference Room – 2:00pm
    NOTE: Due to COVID-19, meetings will be held via Zoom teleconferencing until further notice. For meeting information, please contact Erik Lewis at etlewis@ufl.edu or call the main PDC phone number at (352) 273-4000.

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