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The University of Florida Campus is part of a greater community structure that extends widely across Alachua County and affects the region ecologically, economically, and culturally. As a major employer and landholder, the institution must incorporate policies that respect neighborhoods and promote healthy, vibrant working and learning environments. The character and quality of an institution’s physical assets reflect its attitude toward its host community. Thoughtful treatment of campus edges, the openess of campus spaces to the city, and integration of its natural geenways as public parks all contribute to the sense of the University as a shared civic amenity.

The policies and principles embodied in the 2016 Strategic Development Plan, a joint effort between the University of Florida and the City of Gainesville, in many ways form the foundation for the Design Guidelines. Priorities such as strengthening city and campus connections, enhancing the pedestrian experience, improving land use by creating density, and discovering new partnerships all contribute to a broader UF community unified by common goals.

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