Architectural Review Council Meetings

Submittal Documents Required for Review by the ARC

Basis of Design (to be included with Conceptual Schematic Design)

  • Description of the style and character of the exterior architecture
  • Description of building envelope system types & materials – including walls, roofs, and floors-at-grade
  • Narrative overview of the interior architectural character, including a description of major interior architectural materials, assemblies, and finishes

Conceptual Schematic Design Phase

  • Conceptual Site Plan for each preliminary concept including; building footprint and orientation, or alternatives for same that illustrate optimization of accessibility, shading, and other building performance measures, include adjacent buildings.
  • general concepts for site demolition and tree impact, site use, and site development
  • Contextual circulation diagrams for accessibility, circulation of pedestrians and bicycles (see below), service & emergency access, parking (if any), and waste management & recycling facilities
  • relevant information from the survey, including existing trees; include a table that itemizes the quantity, species, size, and health of all trees proposed to be removed
  • A map or drawing to illustrate the Future Land Use and Future Building Sites identified in the adopted Campus Master Plan relative to the site and design concept.

Advanced Schematics Phase

Site - Updated site plan, including:

  • building footprint & orientation
  • existing and proposed grades/contours
  • provisions for accessibility, circulation, and parking
  • site development work related to service & loading; traffic, circulation, and parking of emergency, service, and other vehicles; pedestrian & bicycle facilities; ADA accessibility; and waste management
  • relevant information from the survey, including existing trees
  • preliminary landscaping plan

Building -

  • For each preliminary concept, floor plans – or floor plan options – for each level
  • For each preliminary concept, at least two sections, perpendicular to each other at same scale as plan/block diagrams, to establish vertical control and illustrate interior spaces and volumetric proportions
  • Exterior elevations (all sides) and/or renderings to illustrate massing, scale, and context, as well as proposed fenestration
  • For additions or renovations, measured drawings showing existing and proposed facilities in their relative arrangement and relationship
  • Conceptual roof plan
  • identify all of the materials being considered, including type of glass

Design Development Phase

Site - Updated site plan, including:

  • building footprint & orientation
  • provisions for pedestrian & bicycle circulation and facilities; ADA accessibility; traffic, circulation, and parking of emergency, service, and other vehicles; building service & loading; and waste management
  • hardscaping (sidewalks, pavers, etc.), seat-walls, and other site amenities & furnishings
  • relevant information from the survey, including existing trees
  • updated landscaping and planting plan , including site furniture layout
  • schematic paving , grading and drainage plan, including paving materials
  • preliminary site lighting plan

Building -

  • Updated floor plans for each proposed level
  • Updated exterior elevations of all building sides
  • Updated exterior renderings, perspectives, and/or models
  • Renderings of all significant public spaces, including exterior public plazas and primary entry lobbies to accurately portray scale, context, finishes, and light sources
  • Transverse and lateral building sections indicating finished floor elevation of each level, floor-to-floor heights, vertical circulation, and interior space relationships
  • Updated exterior renderings and/or perspectives to illustrate massing, scale, context, materials, and general appearance

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